Weed Whacker

Weed Whacker

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For use in ornamental lawns and turf.

Cool Season Grasses - such as Bluegrass, Fescue, and Rye: To kill Dandelion, Wild onion, Pennywort, Plantain, Healall, and similar weeds: use 8 to 13 fluid ounces in 6 gal. of water and apply with pump or hose-end sprayer or sprinkling can to 2500 sq ft. of lawn. For smaller areas - use 3 tsp in 2 qt of water applied to 100 sq ft.

To kill undesirable weeds such as Thistle, Bindweed, Dock and Ragweed, use 8 fluid ounces in 6 gal of water (or 3 tspn in 2 qt of water), and apply directly to plants, wetting them thoroughly. 

To kill undesirable plants such as Poison ivy and Poison oak, use 2 fluid ounces in 1 qt of water and drench plants when they are fully leaved. Repeat in about 4 weeks if necessary. Certain hard-to-control weeds such as Poison ivy, Poison oak and english daisy may require a fall application.

Warm Season Grasses - On st. Augustine, Bahia, common Bermuda, Centipede, Zoysia, and Bent: Use a one-half rate which is 4 to 6-1/2 oz in 6 gal of water to treat 2500 sq ft (3 tspn in 4 qt of water applied to 200 sq ft). Make two applications 30 days apart. Do not spray grasses if stressed from heat, drought, etc. Slight turf-yellowing may occur, but should disappear after about 1 week.

Note: Some hybrid bermuda grasses may be sensitive to this product. Contact your local Extension Service weed control specialist.

For Spot Treatment: Put 3 tsp of Weed Whacker into an empty quart container with trigger sprayer, then add 30 fluid ounces of tap water. 

Trigger Sprayer - Adjust spray nozzle to give coarse spray. Aim at center of weed and spray to wet. One application should be sufficient. Effects begin to show after a few days and weeds gradually die. A repeat application may be required in 4 weeks for hard-to-control weeds.