Nutgrass Killer II Selective Herbicide

Nutgrass Killer II Selective Herbicide

.03 oz foil pk $20.00
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A selective Herbicide for Control of Yellow & Purple Nutsedge and Horsetail

Mixing Instructions: This product is a water dispersible granule designed to be diluted with water at the rates listed in the use direction. Fill the tank with approximately ½ of the desired volume with water. While agitating, add the specified amount of the formulation as listed in the use directions. Complete the filling process while maintaining agitation. Add a nonionic surfactant, such as Herbicide Helper, as the last ingredient in the tank. Allow time to fully disperse.

Since this product forms a suspension in water, it is important to maintain good agitation during mixing and spraying. If the spray suspension is allowed to settle for a short period of time, be sure to agitate the spray suspension for a minimum of 10 minutes. Apply spray solutions within 24 hours after mixing.

Application Methods: Apply this product to produce uniform coverage on growing weeds or soil to achieve consistent weed control. Loss in effectiveness or lawn injury may result if weeds are under drought, stress, disease or insect damage.

 Read entire label for specific directions for use