Kudzu Killer

Kudzu Killer

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Additional Product Information

For control of kudzu in utility rights-of-way, roadsides, and other non-crop areas

Application Timing

For the control of kudzu, apply this product between late June and early October, as long as the kudzu is actively growing and not under drought stress. The ideal time to apply this product is during vigorous growth and just prior to or during flowering. For best results on control of all other labeled weed species, apply this product when weeds are small and actively growing. Extreme growing conditions such as drought or near freezing temperatures prior to, at, and following time of application may reduce weed control. Only weeds that have emerged at the time of application will be affected. Wet foliage at the time of application may decrease control.

The treatment with this product will be rainfast within 2 hours after application.

Spot Applications

Hand held sprayers may be used for spot applications of this product. When applied as a spot treatment, apply to weeds on a spray-to-wet basis (not to runoff). Contact with foliage of cottonwood/poplar trees should be avoided or limited to lower branches.  


Read label for specific Directions for Use