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All Natural 3 in 1 Garden Insect Spray

Controls Insects, Mites & Diseases

All Natural 3 in 1 Garden Insect Spray

Pint $11.50
16 oz RTS $12.50
Quart $22.00
Gallon $65.00
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Additional Product Information

·  Use on Fruits, Vegetables & Ornamentals
·  Made from 100% Naturally Occurring Materials
·  For Organic Gardening

ALL NATURAL 3 in 1 GARDEN INSECT SPRAY is a special mix of miticidal/insecticidal/fungicidal compounds blended to provide a broad-spectrum anti-respiration solution for total insect, mite and disease control. ALL NATURAL 3 in 1 GARDEN INSECT SPRAY further acts by creating a residual barrier layer on plant surfaces providing long-term protection.

ALL NATURAL 3 in 1 GARDEN INSECT SPRAY is effective when applied any time throughout the growing season. It is effective against all stages of insect and mite development from nymphal stage or adult. When applied early. ALL NATURAL 3 in 1 GARDEN INSECT SPRAY is a good choice for preventative disease and insect control. It is active over a wide range of temperatures and can be used as the last spray before harvest if populations need to be reduced.

ALL NATURAL 3 in 1 GARDEN SPRAY can be used repeatedly on an as needed basis.