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70% Neem Oil
All Natural Mite and Insect Control RTU
All Natural Snail & Slug Spray RTU
Aphid & Whitefly Spray
Bug Buster II
Bug Buster II RTS
Bug Buster-O
Citrus Leafminer Trap & Lure
Codling Moth Trap & Lure
DIY Multi Insect Killer
Indoor Fly Trap & Lure
Mole Cricket-Chinch Bug Lawn Spray RTS
Monterey Ant Control
Monterey B.t.
Monterey B.t. RTU
Monterey Garden Insect Spray
Monterey Garden Insect Spray RTU
Monterey Horticultural Oil
Monterey Once A Year Insect Control II
Monterey Rose & Flower Insect Spray
Monterey Rose & Flower Spray Plus
Monterey Termite & Carpenter Ant Control
Olive Fruit Fly Trap & Lure
Pantry Moth Trap & Lure
Peach Tree Borer Trap & Lure
Sluggo® Plus
Spider Trap
Stink Bug Spray
Take Down Garden Spray
Take Down Garden Spray RTU
Vegetable Garden Soil Insecticide
Yellow Sticky Traps

Monterey Termite & Carpenter Ant Control

Monterey Termite & Carpenter Ant Control

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Additional Product Information

Liquid insecticide that controls termites, ants, earwigs, hornets, crickets, wasps, and many other invading pests 

Also controls lawn pests such as; armyworms, chiggers, chinch bugs, fleas, ticks, grasshoppers, etc. 

Can also be used for mosquito control and as a fire ant mound drench 

Fast-acting contact insecticide effective up to 12-16 weeks 

Broad-spectrum, non-staining and odor free 

Only use outdoors