Monterey Garden Phos™ with Pentra-Bark®


For control of Sudden Oak Death (S.O.D.)




Systemic Fungicide

  • Soil Drench, Foliar Spray or Basal Bark Application
  • Ornamentals, Trees, Vegetables, Fruit and Bedding Plants
  • Control of Root Rot, Downey Mildew, Fire Blight, Sudden Oak Death, Phytopthora and Pythium Disease and other listed diseases.

Use Monterey Garden Phos for effective control of Phytophthora and Pythium spp. and other diseases associated with Sudden Oak Death, Beech Decline, and general tree decline syndromes, and for suppression of Anthracnose and Verticilium wilt. Apply Monterey Garden Phos to trees such as, but not limited to, Ash, Azalea, Beech, Black Locust, Buckeye, Catalpa, Cedar, Cherry – Stonefruits, Chestnut, Coffee Tree, Crab Apple, Cork Tree, Dogwood – All, Elm, Fir, Hawthorne, Honey Locust, Juniper, Lilac, Linden, Magnolia, Maples – All, Pine, Oaks – All (Coastal, Live, Shreve, Black, Canyon), Olives, Ornamental Pear, Plum, Pyracantha, Redwood, Smoke Tree, Sumac, Sweet Birch, Sweet Gum, Sycamore, Viburnum, White Pine, White Cedar, and Willow.
Make applications before disease development and in conjunction with good cultural management practices. Use higher rate of application when disease pressure is severe. Do not exceed indicated application rates or apply more frequently than stated on label or tree injury may occur. Do not apply to trees that are heat or moisture stressed. Do not apply to trees that are in a state of dormancy. Do not exceed indicated spray intervals or label rates in order to avoid tree injury.

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