Tree & Shrub Soil Nutrient Mix (5-0-0)


5-0-0 plus chelated micronutrients




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A water soluble fertilizer micronutrient mix designed to correct nutrient deficiency in deep-rooted trees and shrubs.

Works Fast: Tree & Shrub Soil Nutrient Mix contains chelated micronutrients to hasten plant uptake. When taken by water into the root zone, it is readily absorbed by the plant roots.

Where to Use: Use on ornamentals, vines, citrus, and fruit and nut trees.

Application Directions: Dissolve in water before using. Place 1–2 gallons of water in a pail or sprinkler can, and add the desired amount of Tree & Shrub Soil Nutrient Mix. Apply evenly around the tree or shrub to the drip line. The soil should be moist at the time of application. Repeat in 30 days until deficiency is overcome, then treat on a yearly basis.

What rates do I use?: Small trees – 2 cups per tree, Large trees – 4 cups per tree, Shrubs – 1 cup per shrub, and Vines 1–2 cups per 100 feet of row.



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